Is It Over Yet?

Christmas time is a beautiful and wonderful thing, from seeing family and friends to chocolate oranges and fairylights strewn across buildings. However it is also draining, physically and mentally. Money worries and family politics. That’s not to mention the inevitable illness that comes from doing too much and eating out of a routine.

It’s a relief when the events are over and a sense of normality returns. Nothing marks this so well as a fresh journal or two. My favourite is the Breathe 52 Week Journal. I am eagerly awaiting my copy to write fresh plans and set goals. It settles my mind and gives me a semblance of control. I shan’t make resolutions, the phrase new year new me causes me to physically shudder. possibly because of the inevitable links to diet culture and damaging culturally norms, occasionally hidden behind the garb of just getting healthy. Not for me thank you.

Over the holidays I managed to scribble a few words down, the start of a short story that fizzled into nothing and a few bits of my novel. Over the next few weeks i might try a spot of memoir writing. It can be a spot problematic looking to the past due to past trauma however that is only a small part of my life, I have thirty years to look back on, there has to be something interesting in all that time.

Today I wrote: 507 Words

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