A Very Writery Week

Jumping around like a a puppy this morning seeing my work published in Dear Damsels.

SCARECROW | In Rebekah Graves’ short story, a loved one makes an unusual return

“When she was done it was hardly possible to tell the remains of bone and birch apart. This was what stood before her now. Stuffed with straw and dressed in Charlie’s clothes.”

The DD Halloween countdown continues with Rebekah Graves’ short story.

Dear Damsels

It’s been a good week for writing. Not wordcount wise neccessarily but improving my confidence and skills. Seeing my short story published has been a real boost.

On Saturday I attended a day workshop with Writing East Midlands. Writing Fantastika 1: Kick-Ass Characters with Kevan Manwaring. there are two others within in the course, if I can afford it I will definitely try to attend. This one focused on Characters, looking at creating a unique voice and descriptions without the dreaded information dump. I created three characters, then smushed them together. these were particularly handy reminders.

The Three C’s to create a compelling character: Complexity, Consistency and Change

The Three A’s to remember when writing a scene: Appearance Attitude and Agenda

They don’t belong in my forest. The girl is the worst. Blundering over roots curls caught up in branches. She should have died several times, an easy victim with her crass orange light piercing the darkness of my forest. The man at least understands his place. Cautious and armed with an axe.
‘Ben’ the man calls, a deep voice but cracked and tired. His tread uneven an old leg wound from one of my nocturnal brethren. I step out of the darkness for them to behold me.
‘What the hell is that thing?’ the girl screams.
‘Stay behind me Elizabeth.’ She obeys wide rabbit eyes looking me over. ‘where have you taken my son Witch?’ the man holds his axe toward me.
‘Have you come to trade?’
‘Trade? What?’ I thought you were taking me home!.’ Elizabeth moves away from her human shield.

Today I wrote: 300 words

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