Writing The Story

Today the builders are working on the roof. Lanni (my cat) and I are not happy. Loud and disruptive. It’s as if the drilling is against my skull. I practically ran out of the house this morning. Now I’m settled in at a cafe. For a while I was set up in the courtyard by their herb-garden. however after a couple of hours my fingers began to numb. I’m now inside, nursing a cup of tea.

It’s been a productive time. I’m sticking with the course, even though my free writing fingers keeps taking me back to times I’d rather forget. I combined day nine and ten today. Looking at people who inhabit the world and then delving into the actual story. They gave twenty minutes to write, after setting up the basics, protagonist, location and destination. I’m not ever so sure what I wrote but it certainly was something.

The builders will be at the house til about three. I’ll need to occupy myself for a an hour and a half. Any ideas? It’ll be the same tomorrow. I may follow the same routine. though i’m not sure how my budget will feel about that.

Today I Wrote: 825 words

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