Truth And Writing

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I signed up for a course from Writer’s HQ. A free mini masterclass for short fiction. The first week focuses on the ideas, stripping everything back to basics. The first task is to write out a true story from your own life.  My pieces tend to err on the magical side. Writing consumed me when I was a teenager. For hours I sat at the computer and wrote early into the morning. It was a distraction. Creating fantastical worlds and powerful young women. Those worlds were far preferable to my current life. 

Taking true life and working out is difficult. Particularly the free-writing exercise.  That piece developed into a deep dive through my childhood. It made me realise that I had actively avoided using my own life as inspiration. Sure several stories have featured my cats but if I veer toward true life my stomach turns.

This week I wrote: 1,555 words

Today I wrote: 710 words

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