Woot Woot!

I believe in my last post I spoke about submitting a piece to Dear Damsels!

Well….It got accepted!!!!!!

I haven’t submitted all that much work to magazines or competitions, due to a mix of self doubt and perfectionism. however I was happy with this piece I wrote so thought i’d give it a go. I read the email a fair few times. trying to find the bit were they said thanks but no thanks.

Gosh I’m excited. The piece will be published with Dear Damsel on 30th October.

It’s been a tough few weeks. This is just the boost I needed. It took me a little while to settle after getting the email. However, when i did I got on with some revising. polishing up a scene in which my character walks through the forest.

Today I wrote: 160 words

Today I revised 1560 words

Today my submission accepted

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