Hello World?

Or rather my tiny part of the internet. Just a little post to congratulate myself on submitting a piece to Dear Damsels. I think the hardest part was the biography.

Rebekah is an aspiring novelist living with her husband and two cats in the east midlands. When she’s not writing you’ll find her at a sewing machine, volunteering at the local library or wandering around woodlands.  

All technically true but sounds a little idyllic for my messy messy life. The builders are in so i’m sequestered myself inside a local cafe. As of now i’ve been here for three hours. It’s been pleasant but my bank account will not allow this for the coming 12 – 14 weeks. Good Lord. If anyone out there with Hypervigilance is planning on having work done then i recommend moving out. Living on the edge here.

Today’s word count: 2000

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