South Stack Lighthouse

Day Five: A trip to the Lighthouse

Ragged and wild, I felt at home. Seagulls soar below, dark wings arched. Uneven steps narrow and worn. The Lighthouse white and sturdy against the rough seas. Dark sprawling patches of water like the shadow of a Kraken. Tides meeting, white waves crashing against placid waters. A thrill of excitement as the wind buffets my back one step closer to the cliff edge. I get lost in the vastness of sky and water.

The afternoon was spent in The Cottage. Watching out over the grasslands and sea I finished my book not long after lunch. After this I felt a bubbling restlessness and boredom. It’s a feeling I recognise all too well. It was time to write. I brought a summary of my novel and various chapter plans and character sheets I spread out the piece of paper have before me and well for the first few minutes are so I completely despaired at the utter chaos in which it seemed to be in. However I then happened upon a piece of planning, that I’d done at some point in the past, and realised where i was going wrong.


I was lingering far to long on the beginning. Using the an adapted version of Blake Snyder Beat Sheet for a guide, I switched a couple of beats around, and kept the action going without compromising the characters.

I found this originally Jamie Gold’s website, and can’t find a link to the excel version now but the Beat Sheet Calculator is a good alternative.

That day I wrote: 267 Words and nine A4 pages of planning

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