Plas Newydd

Day Four: Magnolia Garden and two friendly robins

Tom is still struggling today, weak legs and extreme fatigue. My mother-in-law is brewing a pot of tea and my father in law is off trying to take photos of RAF planes.

Ridicules in it’s opulence, tiered gardens, canons positioned against balustrades, the Menai straits spreading out beyond. The grounds take us back to a time when the aristocracy relished in their wealth. Tulips were the favoured flower, I didn’t know they came in so many colours.

A couple of cheerful robins joined us for lunch

The rhododendron gardens were a wonderland of colour. We got lost among hidden pathways and delicate bridges.

That day I wrote: 110 words

Today I’ve been revising a piece of short fiction which I’ll be submitting to Dear Damsels.

Today I revised: 722 words

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