The Oyster Catcher, Anglesey

Day Three: Games and Rhosneigr

Tom and I played a pretty little game called Patchwork. tiles fit neatly into a grid, which represents the quilt. Essentially the one to fill the most of their quilt with the patchwork tiles wins. Shut up & Sit Down have done a great review. I won the first game but the next, Tom beat me by 40 points. We stopped after that.

See that big green tile at the bottom right? I helped Tom place it. It won the game

My cupboard is now full of ‘safe’ food, the in-laws went to the shops whilst tom and I lazily got up. For lunch we headed to the Oyster Catcher, in Rhosneigr, A stunning restaurant, plonked in the midst of long grass and coast-land. Colourful beach houses sit atop a balcony.

I dined on honey baked Camembert, hazelnuts, cranberries and garlic toast. Tom had an orange salad with hazelnuts instead of onions (he’s got a complicated set of dietary requirements). After stuffing myself it was easy to become somewhat hypnotised by two children running in circles about their table.

A walk along Rhosneigr beach, the sand was courser harder and darker than Silver Bay, more rocks and less people. A river hurries to the sea, eager and quick.

Back at the cottage I eased aching muscles with Pilates. Calves stretched tight and back sharp with strain. I spent the rest of the afternoon snuggled up on the sofa with tom, re-listening to an old audio-book Lockwood & Co It’s a fun romp about London, with ghosts, physic agents and just the right amount of spooky mystery.

The evening consisted of a G & T and playing Australian rummy with the family. My aim was mostly not to loose, my mother-in-law won all three rounds!

That day I wrote..275 words

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