Anglesey Again

Day Two: Silver Bay

A lazy morning, and the discovery we’d forgotten a good many things. Most importantly my food. I’m still not confident with different foods. Tom was terribly ill in the morning and we both completely let things slip through the sleepy net. We’ll be heading to a supermarket tomorrow. I’ve been writing lists of gluten free and veggie cafe’s that we can go to. It’s calming to plan out the week. We took a wander down to Silver Bay, tramping through mud, giant puddles, and long grass. Transported to ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’.

Ducking under trees and stomping down brambles, we wound our way to a public foot path. Wooden steps lead down to the soft sandy beach. Pebbles littered the shoreline, craggy rocks surround the sea, perfect for rock pooling. Cold wind, red cheeks, lungs full up with salt.

After dinner I sunk into a bath, hot white steam and the tingle of hot boiling water. I am fresh and clean.

That day I wrote…165 words


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