A Week Away In Anglesey

I’ve been away living in a tiny cottage with no Wifi. Though I have not blogged, that doesn’t mean I’ve not written…

Our First Stop: Attingham Park


A windy path to a grand blocky mansion. Small seating areas scattered about the old stable blocks, seats outside in a sheltered courtyard. A variety of dogs big and small, a remarkable amount of greyhounds. It made me wonder if there was a race track nearby. We took a walk along forested paths. wood-chips softening our footfall, beyond children play on dens made from felled trees.

The way took us to a structured walled garden. It was a haven from the cold wind. Delicate Tulips and daffodils grew in neat lines. Greenhouses made of white wood housed troughs of tiny herbs. Pear trees manipulated about fences. Straight limbs atop each other, blossoming bright white.


The Second Stop: Betws-y-Coed

A village with thick stone walls, Tom, my husband, was feeling pretty rotten by this point. He was delighted to stumble upon a shop that sold dairy-free ice cream. The sweet strawberry flavour soothed his stomach and mind.

We then drove up to swallow falls and went through a medieval-looking gateway. Metal claws rattled as I paid my two pounds to pass. Uneven concrete steps took us close to thunderous waters.


Here at last: Bodior Estate, Rhoscolyn

A stunning sunset over the sea. Midges buzzing, birds fluttering from tree to bush. A warm cup of tea, finding spaces in cupboards, wood-fired pizzas, rich red wine. Clumsily putting away clothes, falling into soft pillows.

That day i wrote…260 words

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