Trace Your Logic

Today I look on the tricky task of skin colour in my novel. Even though my world is pure fantasy I want to be mindful of perpetrating negative stereotypes. I turned to Writing with Color (as a Brit it kills me to spell colour without the u).

The website is an absolute treasure trove. After reading for hours I came across this gem. Trace your Logic . It makes perfect sense, and left me abashed. The fact that Mother Gothal is clearly a Jewish stereotype didn’t even cross my mind.

Tangled, Produced by Walt Disney (2010)

I made my own list of questions to help me look at characters afresh:

  1. Physical description
  2. The Logic?
  3. Personality
  4. The Logic?
  5. Am I using stereotypes?
  6. What can I change whilst keeping character Authentic?

I’ve used this on four characters so far. it’s helped me look at my story in a wider context and can only help my writing

Today I Wrote: 428 Words

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