Tentative Steps Back To Writing

Let’s try this again…There’s a ball of worms squirming in my stomach. I feel like an utter failure. I write so infrequently it can barely be called a hobby. But enough of my self-pity.  Today I picked one of the numerous writing books from my shelf and sat down at my laptop and wrote. 

The first task was a series of sentences, the first of which was Life keeps giving me… Here is what tumbled out of my brain

I fall
Bruised bones
Bloody tarmac
Cut lip sliced tongue
Wordless walls
A tomb of silence

A moment to breathe
Choking excuses
Broken plans
Ugly thoughts
Shards of glass

Catch my breath
Feel my heart beat
One moment
Rain on skin
Dirt under nails

The touch of his hand
Reaching through darkness
Countless hours
We lay side by side
A young voice sounds my name
Life cradled in my arms

Raging winds, driving rain
Lightning splits angry skies
A fire keeps us warm
Thick walls we are safe
Waking to sun
Forest weathered
Old and new

Tears shed
They break me
Her silence
louder than mine

Yesterday I wrote a post for my blog, Today I Made… which amounted to 344 words. 

Today I Wrote… 188 words

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