Write What You Know

I wrote a little more of my novel, thus far I am around eight hundred words into the ‘final revision’. I really hope I speed things up or I’ll be finishing this when I’m a pensioner.  I also wrote up the description of an asthma attack. It’s father pleasingly one hundred words.

A stabbing pain shoots across my shoulder blades, I press them down giving my lungs space to expand. I push my rib cage out as far as it will go, drag in all the air I can. It is thin and next to useless in my failing lungs. A wet gurgle sounds, I feel it more than hear it. An uncomfortable restriction in the base of my left lung. Another coughing fit racks my body. They’ve gotten quieter my throat weak and raw. The inhaler eases my breath but it’s not long before the sorry process starts all over again.


Today’s Wordcount: 288

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