Day Five in the Mountain

Dantercepies, Selva Val Gardena, Italy

30th June 2016, 11.05am

Standing on the plains, hoary wisps float about, almost solid enough to touch.cold bites in and a cafe offers welcome refuge.


We are surrounded by white. Varying shades push in at the glass windows. Clouds shift, revealing a mass of craggy mountain peaks.  A stout little marmot sits on a rock, only a little bigger than him. snow finch and alpine chuff sweep in and out sight, black wings stark against the grey and white

There’s a strange kind of peace about me as Monty Pythons Always Look on the Bright Side of Life plays overhead and a fine cup of hot chocolate warms me.

Pizzeria Sal Feur, Selva Val Gardena, Italy

30th June 2016, 11.05am

After wandering the winding streets of Selva looking for an open  pizzeria, Tom and I went back to the hotel and googled it. I am now sipping on a Hugo cocktail at a fantastic restaurant, having thoroughly stuffed ourselves with huge pizzas.



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