Day Four: In Which I Recover From Sunburn

I’ve been feeling pretty dreadful recently. This is my escape to the mountains, day four.

Hotel Armin, Selva Val Gardena,Italy

29th June 2016, 12.50pm

I only left the hotel an hour ago. Yesterday was incredible, but tiring. We managed to spot some edelweiss. They are a strange flower.  A group of german walkers were delighted when my father-in-law pointed them out. I’ve been practising my german, to varying degrees of success, I think this group possibly understood about a third of what I said.


I am burnt to a crisp, my nose is bright red,my arms tender  and swollen. It turns out I should have taken my pilates instructors advice when she told me to get my hip checked out. After a painful day yesterday I ended up not being able to walk down stairs without swearing. I slipped a disk a few years back and ended up with sciatica along my left leg. I think over the years I compensated my right leg and managed to mess up my hip. This became apparent whilst half way down a very steep descent, my hip gave up on me.  Whilst trying not to put any weight on my hip I put way to much pressure on my knee. The  end result was that I was unable to walk down a flight of stairs without muttering profanities.

Tom and I spent a little time in the spa yesterday. He took a little bit of convincing but I think he had a nice time. This morning I was feeling too rotten to go down for breakfast. The lovely staff at the hotel prepared me a pretty breakfast tray with two croissants and a cup of tea.


We had a wonder about the town and picked up snacks from one of the bakeries.  I borrowed one of Tom’s shirts to keep my arms protected. We’re now sitting on the balcony tucking into Apfelstrudel. 

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