Day Three: Mount Seceda

It is taking me some time to get my musings up online. However, I am very much enjoying dipping back into the past. I can almost breathe the fresh mountain air.

Mount Seceda, The Dolomites

28th June 2016, 11.42am



Sitting at  ten thousand feet on the peak of mount Seceda, I understand what craggy means. Looking across unending, snowcapped mountains, it’s easy to  imagine I’m in a different world.  We’re about the walk the plains, to try and spot some edelweiss. Alpine choughs and snow finch dive about the mountain top. A handsome redstart perches on a rock just below.


Mount Seceda, The Dolomites

28th June 2016, 1.15pm

Just stopped at a little cafe after walking through flower-strewn mountains. The great flat-topped mountain, so often surrounded by clouds, stands behind. To my left are rolling hills covered with buttercups and globe flowers, peppered with ash grey rocks. amongst the sea of yellow sits A wooden hut with a tiny chimney extending out of a tiled roof.

Ahead of me a donkey and her foal munch on the grass and flowers. Behind their  grassy mound looms a rock face of  mottled burnt orange and grey.  To my right, past  a great sharks fin of a rock, reside a  semi-circle of dust grey mountains about a deep basin.  Standing watch over long forgotten glacier.


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