A Bit of Observational Writing

Writing up my notes from Italy brought me straight back there. My father in law is already looking at booking for next year. I can’t wait. Here’s the first day of notes from Italy.

Hotel Armin, Selva Val Gardena

 26th January 2016, 11.00 am

Rain pours down in sheets.We’re sitting in the hotel bar, maps strewn across the table amongst cups of tea and coffee. Lightening flashes, followed quickly by thunder. Two families wait near the door. One with a girl no more than six,  dressed in a bright red poncho trimmed with checks of black and white. They’ve just left, undeterred by the downfall…wait they’re back. It was a short-lived enterprise.

The other family have a little girl named Sophia. She looks around three and is less than impressed at the fact she is not allowed outside. Wide eyed she stares out at the rain as though she’s missing out on some great adventure…ok, she has been given a set of keys now and seems much happier. Ah the first family are off again

Ah the first family are off again, I hope they last longer this time.

The bar is softly lit, huge lamps with gold and blue stands, spotlights and delicate crystal chandeliers adorn the dark wooden ceiling. I am drinking from a pretty floral cup,green tea with a slice of lemon. The others have uniform white coffee cups with tiny gold wrapped coffee chocolates.

Sophia is trotting about happily now, circling her mother around a huge woodburning stove. There’s an oak bench attached, adorned with a dark turquoise cushion with gold triangles. the downstairs is all the same theme, the curtains, the upholstery, the table clothes and the lamps.

I’m in my room. The rain persists but less urgently now. Folk walk back and forth, hoods up and heads down. The mountains are half hidden behind clouds. fir trees stand to attention, soaking up the moister. Time for a rest, wrapped up in a soft white blanket.


Hotel Armin, Selva Val Gardena

 26th January 2016, 4.10 pm

Back in the hotel room after a fantastic walk. We saw the little girl, sans poncho, having a picnic with her family at the top of the mountains. Absolutely exhauted. will describe the walk when I have energy.


Today’s word count: 973 (561 for my other blog, and the rest for this one – it totally counts for typing up bits!)

Yesterday’s word count: 185 (I wrote the bare bones of a scene set in the mountains)

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