A Witch an Ice Rink and a Time Capsule

I’m going to give this Flash Fiction Competition another go. I’m not leaving this one to the last minute. This months entry is due on 29th April. I could attempt the one before that, but i don’t do well with pressure.

The theme is Keep it Light and the plot has to be taken from the Fiction Square in this months copy. Roll two dice for characters, two for traits, one for the conflict, one for the location and a final one for an object.

I ended up with a  reluctant witch and a foolish skater at an Ice rink. One or both of them have suffered a loss and are in search of a time capsule. I’m looking forward to playing about with a light hearted plot as I tend to lean towards the darker aspects of fiction.

I’ve written out a rough plot. I like my characters, particularly the witch.  Fingers crossed I will actually submit this one.

Today’s word count, including the plot is: 270 words

2 thoughts on “A Witch an Ice Rink and a Time Capsule

  1. I love doing what I call creative writing exercises. I come up with an idea and see what I can make of it. Sounds to me like that’s exactly what you’re doing. I hope you have fun with.


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