All of the Charts!

I just love a good spreadsheet, but you know what I love more than a spreadsheet? A Pie Chart!

Today I embarked up the noble task of analysing my novel to within an inch 0f its creative life.

I’ve always needed a good visual for me to understand something properly. The steady methodical charting of characters, settings and plot points gives me a  real buzz. This is the characters present pie chart for the first three chapters:

image (2)

I also a pie chart for characters who are present and those  mentioned, this one is for the first four chapters. It is nice to see that the biggest chunks are for the main characters. Azura is hardly present at all but is  a very important character, the second pie chart shows that.


If you’re interested in the format I used it’s the Attendance Record Template, free to download with Google Sheets. I really like the format because at the bottom of the table there is an in attendance sheet, essentially a total, for how many characters there are in each chapter.   I may have to strip mine back a little but I won’t bother with any of that until I’ve completed this revision of my entire novel. For the most part I’m only trying to get a complete list of my characters and playing with charts as I do so.

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