Revision Day!

Today I spent a lot of time using Ctrl+F  function (find and replace). As i’ve been writing I’ve thought of ways to enriched my world a little through status’s,  titles and more cohesive names. It’s the easiest editing I’ve ever done and makes me a lot happier with the diegesis of the world.

I sat down and read through the first two chapters. I’m pretty happy with the story and plot, there’s only a couple of minor changes I want to make. The main thing I was trying to do was get every aspect of the novel clear in my mind. on top of each page I wrote who was in the scene, who/what was mentioned and any major plot points.

I can’t claim to have written any Words today besides the ones I’m typing right now, however I had a very useful revision day. I made sure I had strict breaks so as to not have a repeat of yesterday’s migraine.


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