Boom! Wrote more of my novel today

I got up nice and early to go to pilates at the local Memorial Hall. it was lovely and not too intense, probably due to the fact I was the youngest there by about thirty years. Though the more experienced ladies there did put me to shame with their core strength. After crashing out a little I got on with writing. Hidden away in my nook with no distractions I managed to revise  another bit I wasn’t happy with. I had lots of fun imbuing a character with personality.

I forced myself to stop writing when my alarm went off. I have a routine that I have to stick to, not rigidly, but I can’t completely ignore it. The way I stick with my routine is through alarms on my phone. The alarms are more important to remind me to take breaks than to start tasks. I find I can become obsessed with things, be it sewing or writing. If I become too involved in a task it becomes unhealthy and isolating. There may come a time when I can tell when the right time to stop is, but for now the alarms take that place.


I am hopeful the next time I get an hour or so to write I will finish this part of my novel. I’m really looking forward to printing it out. Nothing beats having physical proof of all my hard work.



Todays Word Count:  around 700 words

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