Today marks just over one month of me writing something, more or less, everyday. Even if it is only a brief smattering on this blog. I find the self congratulatory, and just a tiny bit smug approach works best for me, therefore I present to you this months grand total:



I’m back!

I’ve had a lovely, if utterly exhausting trip to see my husbands family in Wales. it’s the biggest, most anxiety provoking thing I have attempted in over two years. I survived it. I also learned that a lot of family in Wales read my blog. Hi Guys. I will probably natter on about it a bit later in the week, for now however, I am way too tired for any of that.

The internet, essentially, does not exist in Conwy, hence my lack of posts.  However I have been scribbling away in my new Hogwarts notebook.

I was inspired by a gorgeous walks around Bodnant Garden and Conwy Bay. We also frequented many a tea room including a lovely place in Llandudno called The Rabbit Hole.

coffee and cake

The Rabbit Hole Café is a Social Enterprise set up by Aberconwy Mind to provide real work experience and training for people who have experienced or are experiencing mental health issues.  All profits from the cafe are put back into the charity to continue delivering valuable support, training and mentoring for the trainees and volunteers.  The Rabbit Hole places social value at the heart of how it works and believes that public services should be delivered in a way that provides maximum benefit to the local community. The project will provide other community based services therefore enabling it to be socially inclusive whilst offering innovative and inspirational activities to the wider community.


Over the past few days I managed to scribble down about 500 words so all in all my word count is 750




Today I worked more on the flash fiction. I was looking at the location of an ice rink, as set forth by the rules of this month writers forum. My mum loved Granby Halls, she used to go roller skating all the time.

Looking into the history of the place it turns out it was built with a second hall, the Empress Hall, which originally served as an ice rink. The old place eventually got demolished in 1999. I was only eleven.

When looking at the sport I came across a few photos of awesome women from the 60’s. Time travel may well be an aspect in my story.




I only wrote a few key sentences of my story today so all together my word count is around 200


A Witch an Ice Rink and a Time Capsule

I’m going to give this Flash Fiction Competition another go. I’m not leaving this one to the last minute. This months entry is due on 29th April. I could attempt the one before that, but i don’t do well with pressure.

The theme is Keep it Light and the plot has to be taken from the Fiction Square in this months copy. Roll two dice for characters, two for traits, one for the conflict, one for the location and a final one for an object.

I ended up with a  reluctant witch and a foolish skater at an Ice rink. One or both of them have suffered a loss and are in search of a time capsule. I’m looking forward to playing about with a light hearted plot as I tend to lean towards the darker aspects of fiction.

I’ve written out a rough plot. I like my characters, particularly the witch.  Fingers crossed I will actually submit this one.

Today’s word count, including the plot is: 270 words

Nope, No Words


The heady mix of pilates, therapy and steroids yesterday meant I was too exhausted, both physically and emotionally to write, or do much of anything else for that matter.

Going to the dentist this morning did not improve matters. In the past I’ve been prescribed Diazepam for when I’m getting work done at the dentist. However what with being on a course of steroids for my asthma, my normal dose of Sertraline, and local anaesthetic, I thought adding another drug to the party would be one too many.

I stuck my headphones on closed my eyes and pretended I was somewhere else entirely. It didn’t work.

I have no idea whether I will be doing any writing tomorrow. I need a bit of time to get back into a routine. On Tuesday, It was my plan to write down how many words I’d written since I started this blog a month ago. Maybe that will happen at the end of this month?

Watch this space…

YES! done done done

After not meeting my expectations yesterday, I lowered them for today’s work, and as if by magic I finished going through the first part of my novel.

I’m delighted with myself. I’m hoping to do this as I go along for the next parts of my novel to save the deadening sensation of staring at too many numbers today. No actual words written today beside these. Tomorrow I hope to crack on with the novel, although it is therapy tomorrow so I may well be in an emotional heap on the floor. It’s my penultimate session and I am absolutely terrified!

But now, pie charts for everything!


image (16)
Characters Mentioned or Present


image (20)
Characters Present 
image (14)
Magic or Traditions 


image (21)
Major Plot Points


Almost there…

Today’s word count is not bad at all. I ended up writing far more on my Today I Made… post than I’ve ever written before.

I did not manage to go through the whole of the printed novel today as I anticipated I would yesterday. however I did get through two chapters. There are lots of new settings, characters and plot points that are now documented and organised!

Tomorrow I will hopefully get through a few more chapters. I’m around a third of the way through and enjoying reading my own writing so that is no bad thing.

Today’s word count: 860 words

Erm…one page edited today

Yes, so I only went through one page of my novel last night and today I went through one whole new page today. However last night I did draw an illustration of the page I edited. Now I not an artist, I only occasionally dapple in sketching, I do enjoy it a lot though, particularly when I get a story out of the picture.

Tomorrow I have the day completely free, so I will sit down, probably binge watch QI, and go through the rest of the novel. By the end of the day I will have a multitude of colourful pie charts – see a few posts back, I got a little obsessed with pie-charts.

happy writing


If only my body would work

I finished the lovely little post for Crafty Sew & So’s blog, to be published on Sunday. I’m feeling pretty drained today. My Asthma acted up last night, quite badly, and so today my throat and chest have been aching all day. Kick boxing, although fun, includes a lot of cardio which my lungs do not like.  I’m going to try and go through a little more of my printed out novel tonight but I don’t hold very high hopes.

The problem with asthma (beside not being able to breathe)  is the exhaustion. The lack of oxygen completely drains my body of all energy.

I rather think it’s a good thing I’m an author and not an athlete!

Today’s word count: 250 words