I Forgot about The Deadline

Today has been a pretty good writing day. I was really struggling to write a flash fiction about a person with mental illness under the given specifications Writers’ Forum gave (no internal thoughts, past tense and third person) I gave up on that piece for now. I rethought the brief. The location they give is a hair salon, it didn’t particularly inspire me.  Eventually I decided to go for two sisters having their hair done on the morning of a wedding. The photo is my sister helping me get ready on the morning of my wedding.

Feeling very chuffed with myself and the far more satisfying plot I then looked at the deadline. Noon. Tomorrow.

The reason I am attempting to submit a piece of writing each month is to get some motivation, routine and to also stop the idea being so scary.  I could finish it tonight, but this would mean disrupting my routine I have tried really hard to maintain. I highly doubt I will be happy with the result.

My solution, write the story in my own damn time and ignore the deadline.

Today’s word count: 597

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