I Forgot about The Deadline

Today has been a pretty good writing day. I was really struggling to write a flash fiction about a person with mental illness under the given specifications Writers' Forum gave (no internal thoughts, past tense and third person) I gave up on that piece for now. I rethought the brief. The location they give is a … Continue reading I Forgot about The Deadline

Because want to wear pretty clothes when I write

Today I finished off my gorgeous Jersey tank top! It's soft and comfortable, the perfect top to sit in the park on a summers day with a notebook and pen. Unfortunately it is bloody freezing so that will not be the case for some time. if you want to learn more I wrote all about … Continue reading Because want to wear pretty clothes when I write

Some Days Are Genuinely Too Busy To Write

Busy Busy at Crafty Sew & So yesterday, then a lovely evening with friends playing board games - Sushi Go and Jungle Speed. I didn't even have time to write a blog post! I'm dashing off to Crafty again today but there should be time for a bit of writing in the evening, I might even … Continue reading Some Days Are Genuinely Too Busy To Write

Technically I Wrote Nothing Today

Today has been pretty craft heavy. I've practically finished a top, my very first make out of jersey fabric.  I'll be modelling it on my post for Today I Made...  on Sunday. I'be been doing some lovely hand stitching in front of the TV for my hexie quilt. My one concession to writing today was mostly … Continue reading Technically I Wrote Nothing Today

Words Are Words

Today's been a rather busy day. I ran Story & Rhyme Time this morning, for 0 - 5 year old's.  In the past we've had over ten kids in the session but today only three turned up. considering we haven't done any advertising since the sessions started a few months back it's not entirely unexpected. After … Continue reading Words Are Words

Drinking Coffee Due To Social Awkwardness

I'm attempting to send off a short story every month and a fairly easy way to do this is submitting to the Writers' Forum Flash Fiction competition. This months entry is set in a hair salon/barbers and must be 'show not tell' That phrase grates at me but i will nevertheless give it a go. … Continue reading Drinking Coffee Due To Social Awkwardness

An Ill-fated Attempt to Document My Writing Habits

I have been writing a blog for a little while now called Today I Made...  it's all about recovering from my various mental  health issues.  Writing my achievements down really helps with my recovery and keeps me grounded in the here and now. It's with some trepidation that I begin this new blog in which I … Continue reading An Ill-fated Attempt to Document My Writing Habits